Everything matters.

Cats, they're just like us 🤷 I found this smartie pants chilling on the Internet, flipping through a book called The Art of Humanity.

So what does it take to be human? I'm pretty sure this cat knows. The art of humanity, the task of being human, is about the expression of compassion, care, and dignity, towards all living beings.

Human to human, I wanna ask you to consider what I am sharing on this page: a call for your humanity.

The people of Gaza are suffering and they need our help. Helping can take the form of donating to a fundraiser, or it can be boosting a fundraising campaign. Every little bit helps. Our humanity is at stake. Palestinian lives are at stake. It's as simple as that 🕊️

I've made donations in the amounts of $10, $20, and $50 to a handful of fundraising campaigns. Can you match one of my donations? It's super easy. Just go to Gaza Funds and pick a campaign. The campaigns that need the most help will appear on the front page.

Maybe you're not old enough to donate, or maybe you don't have anything to give right now. That's okay. You can still help by sharing this information, and sharing it widely ✌️

Thank you for reading this message. It's not too late to help. Every little bit counts. Helping those in need is the art of humanity ❤️


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